What We Offer

If you're getting serious about your passion, you want to look legit.​

If your menu is a dry erase board, or if your online presence is limited to a Craigslist ad, your image is holding you back and costing you customers. You want your business to be instantly recognizable and your brand to inspire confidence in your customers. Legit Creative will design a custom branding package that fits your unique needs.

A lot of people equate "logo" with "brand," but it's really just the first step. For a cohesive, professional presence, your business needs a dedicated visual identity to guide the design of every creative asset.

Logo &  Identity

Even in the digital age, it's important for businesses to have print materials at the ready. Business cards and  branded letterhead, invoices, and envelopes convey expertise and longevity.


Cards &


There are a plethora of options to consider: branded shipping boxes, shopping bags, T-shirts, totes, glassware, gift cards... virtually any item you sell

or use in-house can be customized to your business.


& Merch

Restaurants, spas, and salons need permanent in-house menus, as well as takeaway copies that are affordable to replenish. Private medical offices often find it useful to send home informative brochures with patients.

Menus &


Email templates are a "must" for anyone - they give customers assurance that correspondence from your company is official. Direct mail is an ideal way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood, as well as promote sales and events.

Email &

Direct Mail

For a business to be visible, a website is crucial. A sound social media strategy solidifies your brand and makes your services  accessible to a wider audience, and also opens doors for high-impact  targeted ad campaigns.